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Dualtron Minimotors LED light bar


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LED bar for Dualtron electric scooter

Side column led bar compatible with Dualtron Thunder, Dualtron mini, Dualtron eagle, Dualtron compact, DT3, Dualtron spider, etc...

This LED bar has a double advantage, it allows you to be better seen by other road users by day and by night, while providing a touch of customisation with its different adjustable colour modes.

Features of the Dualtron LED bar

Original Minimotors Led bar, sold individually. Two LED bars can be mounted on the steering column.

Different colour or animation modes are possible, controlled by the original remote control of your Dualtron electric scooter. Plug and play installation.

Installation of the Dualtron LED bar

The installation of a Dualtron led bar is simple. First of all, you have to cut the two Rilsan clamps that fix the Led bar covers, then pull on them to remove them. Once the led bar is accessible, you just have to unscrew the banana plate at the deck, then disconnect the led bar from the led controller and repeat the previous steps in the opposite direction to reassemble.

To avoid cutting the cables of your Led bar over time, we advise you to remove the original cable protection sleeves. These are too tight and tend to cut the cables over time. It is preferable to use wider cable covers that allow the cables to slide freely, especially when you turn the handlebars.

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Monsieur Z

Très bon produit livrer dans les temps je recommande fort 👍

David Claudel
Very good


Jimmy Chivot


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