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Rapid charger 60V 5A Dualtron, Zero 10x, Kaabo

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Fast charger 60V 5A for 60V Dualtron / Zero 10x 60V / Kaabo electric scooter

This fast charger charges your electric scooter about 2.5 times faster than with an original charger.

Features of the 60V 5A Dualtron, Zero 10x, Kaabo fast charger

The 5A rapid charger is designed in an aluminium case, making it robust and durable over time. The charger has a fuse to prevent short circuits, and two additional fuses are supplied with the charger just in case.

This charger also has an internal fan, so that it does not overheat during the charging process.

A switch is also used on this charger to start or stop charging your electric scooter.

Compatible with all 60V electric scooters with a GX16 3 pin charging port such as:

the Minimotors game: Dualtron Thunder, Ultra, DT2, Spider, raptor.

the Kaabo game: Wolf warrior, Mantis

the game zero: Zero 10X 60V

Load connector: GX16 3 pins

La version LP16 est réservée aux nouvelles versions Minimotors (Voir photo pour le connecteur de charge)

Best practice and use of the 60V 5A Dualtron, Zero 10x, Kaabo fast charger

Although this charger already has several protections against overloads and short circuits, there are some common sense rules to avoid damage.

Make sure that the red switch shows 220V for use in France and that it is not set to 110V.

Never charge your electric scooter with the charger or charging port wet.

Never try to insert an object, especially a metallic one, into the charger socket.

It is also best to first connect the charger to the wall socket and then connect it to your electric scooter.

In normal use, once your charger is plugged into the wall socket a green LED will light up. Once your charger is connected to the scooter, the green LED will turn red, indicating that your scooter is charging. When the light turns green again, your scooter is fully charged. However, you can leave the charge on for another 30 minutes to allow the bms to balance the cells in your battery.

Weight 1.4 kg

GX16, LP16 (nouvelle version Minimotors)

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Bogdan Marian Nica

Rapid charger 60V 5A Dualtron, Zero 10x, Kaabo

Taibi Mhidi

To be recommended

Silva Arleson

Thank you for the treatment. I am returning the product because the cable is not compatible.

bruno martin
Fast charger 67 2 volts 5 Ampere

I've been using it for a long time now and I'm very happy with it. It's a great product, fast delivery, and I've been in touch with the seller by email for advice on the charger.

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