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Dualtron Ring Wrench


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Spanner tool for Dualtron toothed ring

This spanner allows you to loosen and tighten the toothed ring of the Dualtron Minimotors electric scooters. Very useful to have a perfect grip of the ring without damaging the frame of the scooter.

Features of the Dualtron Ring Wrench

This ring spanner can be used on all Dualtron electric scooters with a ring spanner such as Dualtron Thunder, Ultra, DT3, Spider, Eagle Pro, Compact, etc.

Spanner designed in thick steel for high durability and extreme resistance to torsion.

In addition, this spanner has 3 hexagonal holes of different diameters, allowing a tube to be passed through for a better cross grip.

Using the Dualtron Ring Wrench

To loosen a notched bushing on your Dualtron we advise you to first heat your bushing to melt the red thread locker. Skipping this step may break the thread by forcing. Once the bushing is hot, take the spanner and unscrew it counter-clockwise. If it is still difficult to turn the ring, you can add a metal tube to the end of your spanner, the leverage will allow you to increase your force tenfold. Once you have replaced your ring wrench, don't forget to put the threadlocker back on. We advise you to use blue threadlocker, it is sufficient if you tighten well and it allows you to unscrew more easily if necessary.

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Livraison rapide et soigné

Bien reçu rapidement en Colis Relais. Traitement très rapide.



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