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New generation Dualtron Thunder controller


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Controller for Dualtron Thunder new generation.

CAUTION: These new controllers for Dualtron Thunder are not compatible with the old controllers.

The controller is an essential part of your electric scooter. If the controller is not working your scooter will be unusable. The Dualtron thunder has two controllers, each of which operates a motor.

The controller is the link between the battery, the LCD screen, the motors, the lights, the electric brake sensors, and is therefore central to the proper functioning of your Dualtron Thunder.

Dualtron Thunder Controller Features

Case containing a controller. Original Minimotors part. The controller is already wired as original for easy installation.

Designed for 60V battery.

Dualtron Thunder Controller Installation

The installation of the controller is simple. First we advise you to disconnect the cables linking the battery and the controller. Then disconnect cable by cable, reconnecting the disconnected cable to the new controller each time, so that you avoid any assembly errors.

Diagnosing a controller failure on your Dualtron Thunder

There are several types of failures for a controller. Firstly, if one of your motors is not working you can check several things. If your motor does not work, it makes notches when you turn it by hand with the scooter turned off and when you disconnect the three motor phases, it turns freely, your controller is short-circuited and must be changed. To check this theory you can simply connect the motor phases to the wiring of the second controller, the motor should then work.

A broken controller can also prevent you from turning on your LCD screen, in this case the main cause is usually a short circuit due to travel in the rain or rust that has formed in the short term. In this kind of case we advise you to completely disconnect the defective controller and not to reconnect it to the battery, being in short circuit you risk an electric arc on the connector linking the controller to the battery.

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