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Dualtron Thunder folding hook


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Folding hook for Dualtron Thunder

This folding hook is very useful for folding the Dualtron Thunder. It allows the top of the stem to be attached to the deck of the scooter at the rear. This allows the steering column to be attached to a fixed point and the scooter to be carried easily.

Features of the Dualtron Thunder folding hook

This bending hook is an original Minimotors part. It is made of alloy steel for high strength and durability.

The folding hook is compatible with the Dualtron Thunder.

Installation of the Dualtron Thunder folding hook

The installation of the folding hook is simple. You just have to unscrew the two screws fixing the hook to the frame, remove it, replace it by the new one and screw it back on the frame. We advise you to use blue threadlocker for the reassembly, it will avoid the untimely unscrewing of the screws due to the vibrations.

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