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Dualtron Thunder, X, Ultra 2 brake disc


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Minimotors 160mm brake disc for Dualtron Thunder, X, Ultra 2

This brake disc is compatible with Dualtron Thunder, X and Ultra 2 electric scooters.

This is a 6 hole disc with a Minimotors own wheelbase, it is not possible to fit a bike disc on these scooters without using a disc adapter.

Dualtron Thunder, X, Ultra 2 brake disc features

This original Minimotors brake disc is made of stainless steel, guaranteeing high resistance and durability.

It measures 160mm, which is ideal for braking an electric scooter with 11″ wheels.

Dualtron Thunder, X, Ultra 2 brake disc installation

The installation of the brake disc can be long and tedious. On the Dualtron Thunder, for example, the brake disc is located on the side of the motor cable, which itself passes through the suspension arm. The PK plugs of the motor phases do not pass through the hole of the suspension arms, it is necessary to plan to unsolder them to let the cable pass, to thread the new disc, to pass the cable again then to re-solder the plugs at the end of the assembly.

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