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Currus NF Plus electric scooter


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The Currus NF plus electric scooter is a robust, powerful scooter with crucial safety features.

Currus scooters are made in Korea, resulting in quality machines with precision CNC frame cutting and precision detailing.

The Currus NF plus is the worthy heir of the Currus NF 10, with a wider deck, carbon handlebars and side LEDs.

The Currus NF plus has a very powerful 4500 lumen front light for day and night vision. There are also side LEDs, two front and rear lights and a rear LED footrest that also acts as a brake light, a must have!

Currus has not skimped on the safety aspect, as the NF plus has a motorbike horn directly integrated into the steering column and a button to activate it directly from the handlebars.

In addition, the Currus NF plus is equipped with front and rear hydraulic brakes + electromagnetic brakes on each engine as standard, so you can stop quickly and safely.

The Currus NF plus has a wide deck, a thick column and a folding system with a big pin in a pure Korean style. The Currus NF plus has a wide deck, a thick column and a folding system with a big pin in a pure Korean style. The scooter is very robust and the precision of the machining means that there is no play in the folding system. We also note the Korean attention to detail with a silicone seal for the hatch under the deck.

Equipped with an adjustable front and rear shock absorber, this scooter allows you to move around safely but also in a very comfortable way by erasing the imperfections of the roads during your journeys. In addition, its 10X3 tyres à inner tubes will bring you more comfort and an optimal road holding.

The Currus NF plus is equipped with a Samsung SDI 28Ah 60V battery which gives you a range of 100km in ECO mode.

The power of this electric scooter is not to be outdone, with its two 1800W motors it will propel you at 70km/h (only on private land)

The Currus NF Plus is delivered with a 25km/h limit according to the legislation in force Art. 6.13 R.311.1.

Its great autonomy and power make it the ideal ally for both work and leisure.

Tips for using the Currus NF plus

  • Do not use your product in the rain or on wet ground.
  • Read the instructions carefully before use.
  • Misuse of the product may result in serious injury and loss of warranty.
  • Please respect the laws in force on the public highway
  • We strongly advise you to wear protective gear, including a helmet and gloves.
  • We recommend that you check tyre tightness, settings and pressure before driving

Link to the warranty conditions

Further information

Weight 40 kg

25 km/h (70 km/h on private roads)


2 years parts and labour (1 year for the battery)


28ah ≈ 100km


60V 28 Ah



Front / rear lights



2x 1800W


Adjustable front and rear suspension

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