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Chambre à air 90×65-6.5 Dualtron Ultra, Zero 11x


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Chambre à air 11″ 90×65-6.5 pour Dualtron Ultra, Zero 11x

Cette chambre à air épaisse est fabriquée en butyle, lui apportant une grande flexibilité et peu de perte de pression.

Its valve contour and the seams of the tube are reinforced, giving it great resistance and longevity over time. To avoid punctures we advise you to check the pressure of your tyres once a week, as well as adding a slime anti-puncture agent as a preventive measure.

Caractéristiques de la chambre à air 90×65-6.5 Dualtron Ultra, Zero 11x

Cette chambre à air a une taille de 90×65-6.5, avec une valve coudée à 90 degrés. Elle est fabriquée en butyle, lui offrant une grande résistance dans le temps et peu de perte de pression.

Installation de la chambre à air 90×65-6.5  Dualtron Ultra, Zero 11x

The installation of the inner tube is simple, first you have to remove the engine, or the suspension arm where the rim fixing screws are located on the engine. Once this step is completed, make sure to deflate your tyre before unscrewing the rim, otherwise the screw threads will be torn off by the air pressure. To unscrew the rim we advise you to first heat the screws with a heat gun, as they are often too tight with threadlocker. Once the rim has been removed, all you have to do is remove the tyre and inner tube, install the new one and repeat the above steps in the opposite direction for reassembly.

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Pierrick Clément
Efficient and really nice

I ordered 4 dualtron mini tubes and made a mistake when ordering them (dualtron ultra). This was corrected and the price difference refunded the same day! Totally satisfied, I recommend 100%.

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